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Friends Only

This journal is "friends-only". in the sense of "only visible to friends." It contains personal pictures and posts I do not want to share in public.
I prefer to choose these friends myself, so i
t makes no sense to add me as a friend without asking me, as it makes it rather unlikely to be added. Please do not "friend" me without asking first. We need to know each other in RL, or else have had a few discussions on a community and mutually decided that we wanted to friend each other.
I'm not interested in people who expect access to my stories by adding me to their friend-list ... the stories are not here anyway, they are in my paperback_agent journal. If you want to read them, comment there and request to get access.

Anyone who thinks, however, that I will friend him/her back may feel free to leave a comment here or send me a personal message.

Sure .....but my fics are here:

As I will leave for London tomorrow and won't be back before Tuesday I have sent an invitation to you, so you just have to accept that and you are able to read my fics.

This journal here has a lot of other Beatles related stuff, so if you are still interested I added you.

i really would like to read your fics and also i have a question, i saw this other community Mclennon land and i also would like to join it but i can't idk why, please tell me what i can do

thanks! :D
This here is a personal journal only for a handful of selected friends, sorry.
I only add people I know well and who I can trust.
But as you only want to read my fics aren't here, you find them in this journal:
I add you there, so you can read them.

About McLennonland, I am sure the other mod jpgr sent you a message concerning your request. You cannot join because you joined LJ just two days ago - we only accept users who are on LJ for at least six months, sorry.
So the only thing you can do is wait six month and then request to join again.


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I think I made it perfectly clear that this journal is very private and for friends only. I prefer to choose these friends myself, and I definitely do not know you. My friendlist here has only people I know personally or on the internet for a long time.
One more thing I made clear: it makes no sense to add me as a friend without asking me, as it makes it rather unlikely to be added.

If you however came here to read my fics you are in the wrong place anyway. Ask to be added in my paperbackagent Journal (link above) and I will add you to the list.


It is a bit annoying to put up various explanations in my journals and groups I maintain only to see that they aren't read apparently. People applying to join MLL after setting up their journal days ago....though we clearly only accept people who are here for six months.
So no, I did not want to make you feel like a bad person....only telling you no would have been more rude than this.

I’m sorry I didn’t read it. I was bulk applying to a bunch of friends-only journals and in the vast majority of cases, the procedure is "friends only"="comment to be added." I’ve never had anyone have a problem with me adding them as friends on lj before. I do it so I can keep track of the journals I’ve applied to.

Can I join paperback_agent if I send you some info?
I don't see any problem that you added me as a friend, it is okay.

I will add you to paperback_agent, you will get an invitation here
just accept and you are in. No need to send me information.

Edit: already added you. No need to accept an invitation.

(Sorry for letting you wait a bit, my daughter came home from holidays and today school started, so I was quite busy.)


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Friends list
Oh wow it's taken me ages to figure out how I managed to message you before. Love your stories, would love to read more. Be wonderful to have you as a friend. I'm a first generation Beatles fan, so yes I'm old!!,and I used to write fan fiction when I was young. Live in the UK about 40 minutes drive from Liverpool, still an avid Beatles fan with lots of memorabilia that I have passed to one of my younger daughters who like me is also a musician and Beatles fan.
Re: Friends list
Hey there,

I will add you to this group and to my friends list. Though I must admit I am not too often on LJ anymore.
Enjoy my stories.