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Some more pictures

Today we had wonderful weather again.....

We took a long walk down to a small valley called are some impressions:

Look at the green mossy side of that can exactly locate where the wind comes from most of the times.

Some deer lying in the shadow of a wonderful private meadow.

Lucy found a thick stick and was looking for a place to bury it.

She really had fun but in the end nothing was good enough for she just left the stick somewhere.

BEAUTIFUL!!! Lucy is such a cutie. We have a sweet mutt that we adore. Dogs are such awesome creatures.
Yes they are......can't understand how we could ever have lived without Lucy....and how it will be without her. She is so cute...

Oh, wow, Astrid! These are simply lovely!! :D The deer lying in the field..that beautiful pic of that cute! Very lovely these pictures! You have a good artistic eye! :)

..oh, but, luv..I couldn't see your other thread of pix. It looked lovely, as well..the few seconds I got to see of it..but my anti-virus said a threat was detected. :/ I will try, again. Maybe it is a false positive..but..I'm very leery given the scare I had recently.
I love taking pictures....especially of places that are interesting like this. Or of Lucy...she is so cute and funny.

Glad you enjoyed these, I already saw that you finally managed to look at the other pics safely.

Yeah..thanks, hon'.I got a "threat alert", again, going back into that other page, for some reason. I think my virus program picked up something false having to do with the pictures. Unnerving when that happens.

..yeah, taking photographs.. You tell a story through the lens, that's the beauty of it..and it doesn't matter what type of camera you have, either. Your pictures are as good as your abilities..and yours are quite lovely. :)
Thanks!! I should take my camera with me when I go for a walk next time...we are home again and things are back to normal. But my place is also nice, so maybe I remember taking that camera with me some days.

Yes, Lucy is cute....and she knows that.